Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Testing... testing.... is this thing on?

Howdy! Long time no see.

I think I'm going to start blogging again..????....

I dunno- I'm on instagram @elizabeth_bethezda
I've just been posting pictures of makeup and that's probably all I'll do on here if I get to blogging again. It's been almost three years. Since then I've gotten my Master's degree in American history. I'm now in the Ph.D program and am studying for my comps. Hopefully I will begin my dissertation research next year if all goes well.

A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same.

I let my eyebrows grow in. That's a thing.

Um, I also think my makeup skills have gotten waaaay better. I was looking through some old posts and man- did I know how to friggin blend?!?!? Yikes. LOL

Anyhoo...... that's it for now. Here's some makeup porn for ya! ;)