Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Fist paint your face white.

 I used cheap white face paint that I bought at the drugstore in the Halloween section. I did a base layer using a foundation sponge and then did a second thicker layer with my fingers. I patted a thick layer of MAC Shimmering White powder over that. You could use white baby powder if you don't have a true white foundation powder. You just need something to "set" the cake makeup.

Next I used a flat eyeshadow brush and a semi-matte eyeshadow in a bright color to fill in the hollows of my eyes. Make sure to really layer on the shadow to get a thick and even coat. You can make these circles as big or as small as you'd like.

Now add in your detail work. I used a thin pointy eyeliner brush and my Studio Gear cake eyeliner to paint on the black outlines. You can make this simple or intricate, depending on how much detail you want to mess with.

Lastly I added a bright accent color to the empty spaces. I also used a black eyeshadow on the nose over the eyeliner to darken and smooth the color out a bit. I added some liquid eyeliner and fake lashes to my eyelids.

This is such a fun look to play around with and experiment with. I actually put a spider web on my forehead and first and it was a COMPLETE fail!

Wanna see?

DERP!!!! Makeup FAIL!!! LOL

This was easy to fix. I just wet a washcloth, removed the areas that were messed up, added white paint back on and started over. That's what's nice about working with these cheap Halloween-grade makeups - it comes off with soap and water.

Here's another look I did like this last year.

Thanks for reading!
Also, thanks for all the kind words on my last post. <3


  1. I love this kind of look!


  2. You are so good at that :D i painted my first skullface this summer
    but mine wasn't that advanced xD

  3. Awesome. Turned out beautiful! I tried so hard to work with that cheap face paint, but I didn't have as great result as you did.
    Well done. I love it :-)

  4. It's amazing what you can do with the make up you have lying around. Really wonderful outcome, you're sugar skull looks beautiful

  5. I wanted to do this so bad but had to work late and missed trick or treat.

  6. LOVE this! This is a great tutorial because you can use makeup that you already have and still get a great result!