Monday, October 8, 2012

Glitter Nails

I wanted to show you a mani I did using loose glitter. I can't believe I've never done this before because it came out so pretty. Pictures never do glitter justice so just imagine the awesomeness here multiplied by 100.

This was so easy to do.

First I painted one coat of Kleancolor Charcoal over each nail.

Now to put glitter on, I worked on each nail indivually. I painted a second coat of Charcoal on one nail and then poured a small, light grade glitter over the wet polish. Work over a sheet of paper to catch the glitter fallout.

Let it set for about a minute and then gently brush away the excess glitter with a soft bristled brush.

I decided not to put a top coat over this because I liked the textured look that the glitter made. Plus I was worried a top coat would dull the glitter a bit. The thick glitter look lasted about 6-8 hours until the excess rubbed off. I was still left with a glitter mani but not as WOW as when first done. This would be a fun look for a special party or something. Possibly a coat of Gelous would work to make it last longer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh wow, that looks amazing and such a great idea! I'd love to do this with a black glitter because as hard as I may try for some reason it seems impossible to find a perfect black glitter polish! ~♥~

    1. I agree with the lack of good black glitter nail polish. I have some Manic Panic black glitter that is pretty worthless. I think I'll try that. Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. I loooove glitter, this looks fantastic!

  3. I want nothing more than for someone to come up with a really good topcoat for rough glitter. I don't want to fool around with five coats of Gelous for the glassy look.

  4. oh dear - thats really really really WOW! I am such a glitter-holic - I think I need to try that technique soon! Gorgeous!!!! <3

  5. Oh it looks amazing. I must give this a try :)

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  7. Oooh, this looks awesome! I'll have to try this out....

  8. Love. It. I'm so doing this for a my party this weekend, why haven't I done this before either?????

  9. Gorgeous! I love the colors you chose, and of course the end result! Have you tried a matte topcoat? That should preserve the glitter without the shine... But then I've found that the matte polishes get shiny ad soon as I apply lotion. :(

    Have you done the loose glitter with gel polish by any chance? I have a pot of purple glitter I want to try, but I use gel polish exclusively now...