Monday, October 15, 2012



I made a nail polish with an old bottle of clear polish and some mineral eyeshadow. This is just a simple two step process. From here I can add glitter if I'd like but for now I'm going to leave it alone. The color came out perfect and super opaque.

This is a mini bottle of clear essence polish .16 fl. oz. I added a generous 1/8 tsp of mineral eyeshadow.

Next time I'll probably purchase a small funnel. It got a bit messy but I was working over a sheet of paper so I just tapped the excess onto the paper, folded it and used the sharp edge to pour the eyshadow into the bottle.

I gave the bottle a really really really good shake.

Then I pulled the sticker off of the sample baggie and put it on the polish bottle so that I can remember the color.

I'm really happy with the result. This was my first time frankening. I think I may be addicted as I'm already plotting out my next colors.

Here I added some snowflake stamps and Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor glitter top coat.

Have you frankened your own polish? Any advice?

So..... is this blog becoming a nail blog? The short answer is no. I have been organizing my polishes lately and have caught the polish bug, HARD. Not that I didn't already have it but I'm a bit obsessed lately. Luckily I've been earning a TON of swagbucks so I have been using them to buy amazon gift cards and I buy polish with those.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Genius! I had no idea a person could even make their own nail polish. It might have been better had I never found out ... ;o)

  2. awesome - never tried that before but I think I have some half-full clear polish-bottles here... and eyeshadow... whoooo ^^

  3. Oh wow, what a great idea - and what a gorgeous colour!

  4. I love that colour, and have never ever heard of this before. frankly I'm shocked and my eyeshadows and nail polish thanks you

  5. Ah! So clever of you! I have a clear polish that I'm not very satisfied with so I should try this :)
    The stamps, are they usual craft stamps, or is it for nails specific?

    1. They are nail specific stamps. Konad and Bundle Monster are two main brands.

  6. I have never frankened before, this turned out really well! I love the stamps.