Monday, September 3, 2012

The Green Green Grass of Home

This was a nice long holiday weekend. We spent Sunday with some friends at a BBQ, then went swimming in their backyard pool. It was nice to not have anything to do except relax. I've been so preoccupied with studying for my graduate entrance exams that I haven't been enjoying myself much lately. This weekend was a nice reprieve before one last push of studying before the test on Saturday. Today we took it easy as well and went to the mall to get Bath and Body Works Halloween soaps. I had a coupon that expired today. (Good excuse right?)

Tonight was spent lounging around the house. Kiddos went to bed early as tomorrow is the first day of pre-school for my daughter. I took advantage of a study-free night and watched a rare bit of T.V. Tonight's episode of No Reservations took Anthony Bourdain to Austin, TX, my hometown. Although they really focused on the hipster element that has taken over the city in the last ten years, it still got me extremely homesick. Thus the title, The Green Green Grass of Home. This song makes me choke up every time I hear it. Whether it's sung by Elvis, Johnny Cash or an old lady in church it just gets at my little black hearted core.

Funny story, when I was pregnant with my first child my hubby met me at work and we went to a cafeteria for lunch. I don't even know if cafeterias exist outside of the south, I certainly haven't seen any up here in NY. Basically it's a place where you can get old people food. You know the show King of the Hill? Well Luanne is named after the Luanne platter from Luby's, an Austin-based cafeteria. Anyway.... we went to the cafeteria and I'm eating my macaroni and cheese and fried okra and I'm pregnant. For some reason there was a guy playing a keyboard and singing in the cafeteria. I guess it was "classy" day or something although it was more like a strange scene out of a David Lynch movie. The guy started singing The Green Green Grass of Home and I friggin lost it. Just crying my eyes out. Why? I don't know.

Where is this going? No idea but I wore green on my eyes today. There's your tie-in.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk for base
Mazzie Cosmetics Sour Morning- lid
Sephora Mysterious Forest- crease
Kleancolor Hardcore Liquid Liner
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara

Morgana Cryptoria Vampire's Vineyard
NYX Gloss 31 Red Tint

Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation Light
MAC StudioFix Powder
Detrivore Cosmetics Blush in Spoiled

Cheers <3


  1. Aww beautiful...and lovely tie in. Now I'm emotional for no reason. Sweet story, and gorgeous makeup. :-)

  2. Great, now all I can think about is having macaroni and cheese for supper tonight ... how many Points Plus is a lousy half-cup again? ;o) Love those green eyes!!

  3. Beautiful makeup, as always-I love the green and black, one of my favorite color combos! And the reminiscing is sweet and lovely.

  4. aaaaawww you are soooo gorgeous! love that green eye make up - and the story is soooo sweet <3

  5. That's a lovely story :) I love the green, I really need to find a green eyeshadow...
    By the way, I've tagged you in the Obituary Challenge ^^

  6. Yuuuupppp that lip color is gorgeous! (love your sweet story too.)

  7. AWW! Beautiful story! Pregnancy can make one be so soft hearted. Its wonderful that you have bright memories of your hometown. We do have cafeteria like restaurants here in Sweden that serves traditional (swedish) lunch meals, so you wouldn't feel lost here :). Everytime I visit my hometown I'm so glad that I moved; people are soo narrowminded there.
    It's not only pregnant women that cries when they hear a sentimental song. My man took a long walk to his mother on the other side of town to borrow her car. When he put on the taperecorder he listened to a old song about a sick boy and his teddybear. He cried all the way home, driving his moms car. Then he wrote about it on facebook and asked if it was a manly thing to do. He only got answers from women..

  8. What a nice story! You know...I never thought of cafeterias as a southern thing! How funny!

  9. Ooooh!!! Love that fringe shape!!! And of course the greens on your lids, but mainly the fringe haha!!!!/Azure

  10. Vampire's Vineyard really suits you, I love your earrings as well! I have finally braved the evil Bath and Body works to get my Halloween hand sanitizers for the year, I also got the little bat holder. I hope your studying is going well!