Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aspirin and Pepto Bismol.....

Last night was our city's monthly goth/industrial night. I didn't go last month because I was still trying to get my grad school application done (which it is now, just waiting for a yes or no). So, I made it a point to go to last nights event since I haven't gone out in about four weeks!

I am attempting to take more outfit pics but I'll say it again, MY CAMERA SUX!!!! These are taken by my three year old. LOL

These were taken by my friend in better lighting.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted or traded for except the tights. The jacket is Living Dead Souls and I got it at a clothing swap with a friend of mine. My boots are Demonia second hand from ebay. I actually broke the zipper on them last night. It's kinda a good/bad thing. I've been running and doing a lot of spin classes for the past few months and my calves have gotten noticably bigger. I didn't adjust the buckles on the boots when I was zipping them up and I pulled the tab off one of the zippers. Now I gotta find a shoes hospital and *fingers crossed* they can fix it. I'm sure the fact that I downed a shameful amount of tequila before going out had NOTHING to do with me breaking the zipper either. Derp!


  1. Oh I'm sorry about your shoes :O I really hope they are fixable!

    Your outfit looks very cool overall :D

  2. Ain't a party till something gets broken. Hehe.

  3. Wait - BROKEN??? Damn. That must have been SOME dance move.

    PS: Yep, totally gorgeous.

  4. She actually broke her arm??? HARDCORE!! I hope she's doing okay. I have had a few minor injuries lately due to over-indulgence in adult beverages myself so I'm definitely not gonna judge, lol!! (I also recently de-platformed a pair of Demonias due to drunken falling off the sidewalk, JEEZ, they need to make those things more alcohol-proof!) I really love that coat, the back of it looks awesome! I must say, your 3 year old takes some pretty good pictures! It's hard to get good outfit pictures at night, there's no natural light coming in and I find that the lighting in houses is often quite poorly suited for clear photography.

  5. OMG that jacket is divine! Love it so much!

  6. Haha that photo of you and Terri is awesome!