Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Renaissance Faire Weekend


This past weekend we finally got to get away and go to Ren Faire. My husband and I are rennies but with the recent move we didn't get to go to any last year. Sooooo.... we need to catch up!
This was our first time going to this particular faire and we were pleasantly surprised. It was a bit smaller than what we are used to but by no means bad.
The kids had a blast as did we. Our friend Derek also went along with us and we all drank too much mead and just had an all around good time.


  1. Aren't you fancy! I have yet to go to our local Ren Faire. Always intend to go, but either there's a conflict or I find out too late. Someday, though! Someday.

  2. I haven't been to a ren fair but it seems as you had a real good time.
    Btw, i don't know why but i kind o f fell in love with your knee socks, it's like they completed the whole look!! Hold on tight to them!!/Azure

  3. I love going to our local Ren Faire each year! I've been going for the past 16 years, but I've never dressed up once. Each year I say I'm going to, but it doesn't happen. Your outfit and makeup for this day was great! I love your little daughter's fairy outfit too - so cute! I'm assuming that's your daughter anyway.

    Ren Faires provide some of the best people watching and photo opportunities. Some people are really into their historical roles. There was a guy who was part of The Queen's court who would absolutely not break role last year! He must have studied so many history books, because he was telling us the history of each person there. He was sort of like a Renaissance gossip. :) It's always fun when the reenactors talk with you. I also love the jousting, especially "joust to the death" which is filled with fake blood. That and you can't beat the shopping and tempura!

    Did you see the pics I posted on my blog from Ren Faire last year?

  4. Aaaaawesome! You looked cute and your make - up is beautiful! ^^

    I love ren fairs too, especially the dress-up events. I used to be a member of a renaissance performance group, learned dancing and swordfighting...I loved it, even thought it required loads and loads of research and reading, so it consumed all my time...sometimes I miss it, but the group scattered and we're not in touch anymore...

  5. Your outfit is awesome, love the hat :D

  6. Your chin is one of the variations I do when I dress up in my Turgundian national dress.

  7. I love this! That hat is amazing. You look amazing. You are amazing, lol

  8. Love your make up! And your striped stockings! Cute outfit! :) I've been to medieval festivals but not ren faires. Perhaps they don't have any ren faires in Australia.

  9. Looks like a blast! Love your makeup and outfit :) mmmmm...... Mead!

  10. Ah-MAY-zing! Looks like so much fun, and you look great! <3

  11. Your outfit is awesome! I loved it from top to toe, especially your striped stockings (waaant!). We have medeival festivals here in Sweden but I assume they are similar to the ren fests, fun and lots of interesting things to watch and do.

  12. Tracietrak: OMG you gotta go! So much fun!

    EyeGraffiti: LOL thanks! My Slytherin socks. ;)

    Justine: you sound like me, been going my whole life. Yes, some of the people who participate are quite amazing, I agree.

    Lynoire: I know the feeling of losing your ren group. We used to go with my sister all the time and were a little posse. She moved to a different city and it was never the same. :(

    Alexianria: thanks!

    Tante: that's right, I think I remember the pic you posted. ;)

    Elizabeth: BLUSH! thank you sweetie!

    Stardustcastle: I dunno, I'm sure there's not a ton of difference. I saw some Arthurian knights walking about so people kind of just go with the flow. ;)

    Peach: yes.... mead.... mmmmmmmm

    Amy: Thank you dear!

    Linnea: Thank you! I'm sure you could find some socks like this at or possibly ebay. I picked them up at... you guessed it... a faire! LOL

  13. So cool outfit :D Renaissance faire seems fun!

  14. Neat makeup!! I've never been to a renaissance faire before, it looks like fun!

    1. Dude! You should go! It's another great excuse to get dressed up. :)

  15. I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I love your style and creative makeup. TOTALLY AWESOME!!