Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Nights Santigold Concert

I went to the Santigold show last night and it was AWESOME! She's got a great mix of hip-hop, regge and punk going on. If you haven't gathered from reading my blog, I have a VERY wide-ranging taste in music. I also have a "thing" for "weird" sounding female fronted bands.

This was an excellent concert and if she's coming through your town and you're into her music at all GO TO THE SHOW. I have to say that the crowd here in Buffalo was awesome. It was obvious that Santigold was impressed with the crowd too. There's a great write up on a local entertainment blog here.

She played an equal amount of music from her first and second album. Her first album is more singer/songwriter driven and her second album is much more electronic/hip-hop/experiemental.

I read that Santigold started out singing in the punk band Stiffed, which was produced by Bad Brains bassist Derryl Jennifer. I'm a big fan of Bad Brains so I'm gonna have to look up the Stiffed albums.

I found Santigold by creating a channel on my Slacker account with M.I.A. (whom I LOVE). This was a few years ago when Santigold's first solo album came out entitled Santogold. Her newest album, Master of My Make-Believe just came out last month and it is soooo good. Great beats, great samples, great vocals. Just a perfect album in my opinion.

She's got an early 90s hip hop style-thing going on. Personally I love it. It reminds me of being in jr high and watching House Party and listening to Bel Biv Devo at school dances. :)

There's nothing "goth" about Santigold unless Goth to you is someone walking to the beat of their own drum.

I gotta thank Jenny at Auxiliry Magazine for writing a post when Santigold's new album came out, otherwise I might have missed it!


  1. hmmm i dont think this is 'my' music but glad to hear you had a nice evening!!

    1. ha ha thanks. Yeah, I don't know if a lot of my readers would go for her music. But.... I like learning about bands outside of my normal genres so maybe others will too. :)

  2. Awww, where's the outfit you wore??? :( Yeah, I have a one-track mind... ;)

    1. I'm horrible at outfit posts b/c I don't have a good place to put a tripod. :( I've got a bad pic though. I'll post it just for you. :)