Monday, May 28, 2012

Kleancolor Blind Date - Starry Nails

Blind Date by Kleancolor over Wet N Wild Black and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell.....

My Kleancolor haul I got from has a lot of polish brands for super cheap. Their shipping charges are a bit ridiculous though. They also say no returns unless you buy shipping insurance for $2.99. I did and GLAD OF IT. They shipped these polishes in bubble wrap and a bubble mailer - no box. Who ships nail polish in a bag?? WTH??
So of course two of them had leaked.

I contacted customer service and sent them pictures of the damage. First response? "Can't you still use them?" Um yeah I can USE them but that's not the point. If I order something it should arrive 100% and I told them so. They sent me a replacement for both leaked bottles. My vote is still out on them though. Their prices are great but the shipping cost negates the great prices. I will probably only buy from them if they have something I just can't get anywhere else.

As for the Kleancolor polishes? I love them and for $1.75 a pop they are well worth it. They do have a strong nail polish-y oder so if you're super sensitive to smells you might want to steer clear. But if you're like me and spent years in a nail chop-shop inhaling acrylic fumes you won't bat an eyelash at this. The smell goes away once the polish is dry.

I found an ebay seller with a GREAT deal on Kleancolor. I haven't tried this seller but a friend did and recommended them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those polishes look awesome :D i've been meaning to try Kleancolor for a while now and this just prompted me to do it :') gonna avoid that website though, customer service is so important. x

  2. Wow, your starry nails look awesome! ^^
    In a bag? Seriously? :/ But at least they sent a replacement for the leaking bottles...

  3. Yay I love starry nails!! Just like a piece of galaxy^^

  4. If you or anyone else is ever interested in getting KleanColor polishes I have easy access to them for about the same price and I can ship them a lot better lol and cheaper :) Just let me know!!

  5. Wow- their response made me laugh- "Can't you still use them?" lol- glad you let us know about that site!! Other wise- nice nails!! =-)

  6. um nice answer *lol* glad you got new ones! they look so pretty!


    1. Thanks for everyone's comments!!!!! :)

      I read them all, I'm just trying to limit my time on the internet right now. :)

  7. What do you mean, can you still use them? Who cares? When I order something online, I expect it to come INTACT, and if it isn't, they should replace it. JEEZ.