Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial


I finally did an eyebrow tutorial. I'll probably be doing more because there is so much to say about brows but here's a quickie.

Thanks for reading/watching! If you not a fan of videos I'll be doing a picture tutorial on brows at some point.



  1. :-) like it! thanks for sharing! i might try your way but i think i'm too much used to mine *lol*

  2. This video was super informative! I only started shaving off my eyebrows to draw them on a few months ago and have had some interesting adventures with it so far! Such as discovering that I have a small mole under my right brow that I keep accidently nicking at least once every week or so - no matter how careful I am! ha Anyways.... one thing I noticed is that my liquid eyeliner rubs off anytime something touches it but if I used eyeshadow with a damp angled brush, my brows stay on much better! Is that because I haven't been using sealant? Where did you buy yours and how much does it generally sell for? Thank you so much for posting this video - can't wait to see more of your tips!

    1. Hi Audrey,
      I got my Kryolan CEL sealer off of ebay. There are a few sellers and it goes for about $12.99.
      I still have to be careful, even with the sealant. I have one pair of favorite sunglasses that ALWAYS rub off a bit of my brows. It's kinda trial and error. I'm constantly trying new things to make them work. :)