Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color Review

Oh Gel Perfect, I had such high hopes for you. I wanted a life-long union. A pairing of the minds if you will. But alas..... you have failed me. You tried, I give you that, but you are not up to my unobtainable expectations. I'm afraid this is the point at which we part ways.

*overdramatic sigh.......

OK really. I wanted to like this stuff. I really really REALLY wanted to like it. I was hoping that having a protective "gel" covering over my nails would keep them from breaking on the edges.

I've been having a horrible time with my nails lately and I cannot get them to grow out because the ends keep getting small chips or tears on the corners which break off half of the grown-out part on my nail. I've been taking Biotin Hair and Nail vitamins, keeping them covered with Sally Hansen stuff, using heavy duty gloves to wash dishes.... all the things I should be doing but they still keep breaking.

I think the major culprit is the kid's car seats. I usually notice a tear in my nail after I have been messing with all the belts and buckles on the car seats. Since I can't forgo the car seat (well I could but that wouldn't be very smart would it?) I have to put up with broken nails.

Loodie, loodie, loodie has a series on doing shellac nails in order to fix a broken nail. I was hoping that the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect would give me the same effect.

I purchased the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color in Moonstone. It looks like a denim color in the box but on my nails it was more blue/grey with little gold flecks. It was pretty but not my first choice. Honestly when I was in the store my little hooligans were beginning to cause a ruckus so I just walked to the counter with the box I had in my hand, not paying much attention to the color.

It is not hard to apply. Make sure your nails are clean and dry. Apply the activator liberally as a first coat. Then immediately follow up with the color. When these two mix together they form a chemical reaction and dry to a hard shell within about three minutes. The activator smells exactly like nail glue and it's pretty strong. The smell didn't bother me because I've had acrylic nails off and on since I was 15 so I'm used to the chemical smell but if you're sensitive to smells like that you'll probably hate this.

 This is two coats. The coverage is nice and opaque and it dried really quickly. That was a big plus for me. Honestly right after application I was seriously impressed because it was really easy to apply and it dried super fast. This was Thursday evening.

This is mid-day on Friday and I got my first chip. It didn't even last 24 hours. I did a quick patch that was very easy.

By Saturday I had some major chipping on my right hand while my left was fairing a bit better. One reason my right hand chipped worse than my left if I know I applied the color thicker on the right than on my left. The instructions specifically state to use very thin coats of color.

This is my left hand on Sunday.

This is my right hand on Sunday. As you can see, the right faired much worse than the left. Also keep in mind that I had patched both hands on the first day of wear.

Below is a pic of my hand today before I took them off. (Wednesday a.m.)

Sorry, bad pic but I think you get the picture. (plus a baby and some egg)

Nutra Nail sells remover pads but the instructions also state that you can use pure acetone to remove the gel polish (which is what their pads are). I have some pure acetone that I picked up at Sally so I used the foil method to remove it. Basically wet a cotton ball with acetone, place it over your nail, wrap in tin-foil and wait ten mintues. This is also a great way to remove pesky glitter nail polish.

It came off really easily with no damage to my nail. Acetone is a bit drying and leaves a weird residue.

A quick hand washing and a good rub with a moisturizer fixed that.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. It didn't last long enough for the cost which was $12 at Rite Aide. I was at Walgreens this morning and it was $15 there!?! There is a $2 coupon in the box for another bottle which is nice.

I think that this would work well for someone with super short nails. The places where the polish chipped were places where the nail naturally bends and that would just crack the polish. I don't want to say this was completely horrible because the drying time was amazing but for me it just didn't work well.

I've read some reviews online where people said their nails were in bad shape after they used this. I didn't see any difference in the condition of my nail so it makes me wonder if these people were tearing the polish off instead of "melting" it off with acetone.

Sally Hansen has released a non-UV gel polish kit and I saw recently that Revlon has a "gel" polish out too. I think I'm going to keep my money for the time being and save up for a UV dryer so I can do a true shellac gel mani at home.

Hope this helped any of you that have been considering purchasing this. Mine is going back to the store today. :(

Thanks for reading!


  1. You should take calcium with biotin for hair, skin and nails (make sure you are taking the right amount of dosage). I have this exact same problem because my nails grow fast and long but they crack, always file them the very second you see the crack, just like trimming your hair for split/dead ends. I'd say file them every day but only a bit. Don't paint them! I don't think the chemicals helps much, try gluing on nails to help protect your natural ones more, make sure they are your nail shape (oval, rounded, squared) and if your nail actually cracks, clip it, it is OK if your nails are uneven as they even out after a weeks of filing them to perfection. :) Hope I helped at least a little ^^ Best of luck!

    1. Thank you! I need to get better about filing them because you're so right, the second a crack forms I just let it turn into a nightmare!!!
      As far as painting them.... I find that they break less when I have polish on. It protects them a bit. I've had other nail gurus say the same. I think there are two different camps on polish vs. no polish. :)I dunno.....
      Thanks for the tips. I'm taking hair and nail vitamins but maybe I'm not taking enough. I'll check the bottle.
      Thanks for the tips!! :)

  2. I'm lovin that color of blue even if it didn't hold!

  3. Lol you are welcome! OH! A last thing, have you gone to a nail salon to get gel put on your nails? It is kind of expensive but it is just like have acrylic put over your nails but stronger it works great according to some of my friends who have gotten their nails done.

  4. I've tried a gel polish like this one but it was an expensive brand. Didn't work. I have a lot of problems with my nails as well and it certainly didn't help any. :(