Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Here is the makeup and hair I wore to Rasputina on Friday night.

I must admit the makeup is a little blah. I've been trying to "shop" my stash of makeup and use some things I haven't touched in a while. This is a Loreal HIP duo shadow in Flamboyant. I have to admit, after using loose eyeshadows almost exclusively for the past year or so and then using store bought drugstore palettes I'm noticing that the color payoff is just not there. Considering indy brands are waaay less than most drugstore brands I'm going to really watch where I spend my $$. Not all drugstore palattes are bad, for instance I love Revlon Colorstay Palettes, I'll just do more research from other beauty blogs before I start laying down cash. :)

Also on Friday I wore my fabulous half wig from Fifi Mahoneys, NOLA. I love this gal; she's long with ginormous curls. I pinned her up for the show and added some hair flowers.

Sorry, I probably should have taken a picture of the back but I was super rushed and was lucky to even get these pics taken. It's been a while since I went to a show that started at eight! I'm used to not leaving the house till about 10:30 or 11pm! :)

Here's my outfit. Simple and easy. Pic courtesy of my three year old.

I want to thank Britnie at ....It's on Random for featuring me in her "Get to Know Your Bloggers" segment. Thanks for doing that. 
If you don't already read her blog I suggest you head on over there. There's a lot of zombie talk, geekery, food and well... random stuff. It's fun! Brit is also one of the awesome ladies in my facebook group Ladies in Black.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. I like your makeup! Even if you think it's a bit blah. And great outfit! I could see myself wearing that outfit!

  2. Aww, you look so pretty! Those hair flowers suit you ;)

  3. Ok, the picture your little 'un took is so ... artsy. Seriously, it's really good. Budding artist in the house? You look so pretty and romantic! Very, very beautiful. I never liked the HIP duo packs -- they just don't blend well and the colors always go on so light. Bleh.

    Hey, I just scooted over to "It's on Random" to read all about you. I had no idea that I inspired you!!! AWWWW! *tackle* ((((HUGS))))) You're just too awesome! MUAH!

  4. Your 3 yr old took a very good pic! And you looked very pretty. I like the look even though i agree, loose pigments are so awesome!!!!

  5. I think you look really glamorous and that make-up looks pretty good to me. The hair flowers and eyeshadow colour is really lovely and the overall look is soft and romantic and seems perfect for a Rasputina gig. I love it :-)

  6. For a moment, I thought the grey flower was a lily pad. I was mildly disappointed to discover that it was not.

    Now I need a lily pad for my head. I think I'm getting crazier by the day. At this rate, I'll be one of those old ladies who doesn't give a shit by the time I'm 40.

    Gawd, does your skin really look like that? Jealous.

  7. Nice outfit! I've seen Rasputina a few times. They're one of my favorite bands! Were the current band members good? I saw them as two totally different groups (aside from Melora) Rasputina is always changing! I read your last post and "Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes" is one of my favorites too. :)

  8. Yay! You look fab-u-lous and the article on It's On Random's blog is cute :)

    1. Peach - Thanks! I think I feel it was bleh b/c it was the makeup I wore all day and I just touched it up for the concert. :)

      Michelle- Thank you!!!

      Professeur- yes, she loves to take pictures. I need to get her her own camera. and yes! you were/are an inspiration. :)

      Iridescent- thank you! I'm sure you understand about the pigments :)

      Jurassic - Thank you, I was going for a romantic feel so I'm glad that came through.

      Tante- OMG you need to make a lillypad hair flower. That would be too awesome!

      Justine- The new lineup was great! I thought they meshed well and their voices complemented each other.

      Meagan- Thanks!!! :)

  9. Wow, I really love this look, the hair, the flowers, the make-up...they suit you so much!

  10. Your hair looks lovely like that :)

  11. Exquisite hair style! So, so lovely, and it's a fun juxtaposition against your simple (but awesomely cool) outfit.

    I am totally obsessed with loose eyeshadow, too. Usually whatever I buy that is pressed ends up scraped loose with a nail file and made into a powder. :)

  12. love your hair!! your entire outfit was pretty, too! <3

  13. Love the wig with the hair flowers!! I've got that L'oreal palette in my stash somewhere and it IS rather chalky and a bit difficult to apply. I agree with you, I am always hard pressed for time for those early shows! Seriously, who wants to go out at EIGHT???