Monday, March 26, 2012


Makeup challange theme for the week on is Seapunk. (yes, I know, we like to make up crazy things. One week it was Buttz)

Anyhoo..... this is my Seapunk look. Just think of a bunch of cogs and gears with a mechanical dolphin. Or do what I see a lot of people doing now and get a stuffed toy dolphin, hot glue some gears onto it and call it Steampunk. Ooohhhh.... I said it. Ouch. (Now do I have a bunch of steampunks hating me?) Steampunk done well = great. Steampunk done bad = so so so wrong.


MAC Concealor NC
Revlon Beyond Foundation in Light
MAC Studio Fix powder NW15
MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom cheeks

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool, patted onto inner eyelids
Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Clash patted onto outer lids
Urban Decay in Midnight Rodeo patted along lower lash line
Ben Nye eyeshadow in Toast, browbone
Kleancolor Hardcore Liquid Eyeliner, upper lash line and eyebrows
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, waterline
Jesse's Girl pencil in Emerald Forest, lower lash line
MAC eyeshadow in Club, over the Jesse's Girl liner
MAC Liquidlast Liner in Aqualine, upper lash line over the Kleancolor eyeliner
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Distortion, outer lower lashline and inner upper lashline
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in Very Black mascara
Black Cherry lashes #106

NYX Gloss in Red Tint

I am still seriously trying to figure out my picture taking. This eye look was so amazeballs in person but the camera was just not picking up all the colors and glitters. GAH!!! 

I wore this look to a small comic convention over the weekend. Gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite shirts = a cylon unicorn that says "I'm fracking magical". 

And I got to sport some cute platform mary janes I picked up at the thrift shop for two bucks. Score!!

And I've been clipping my hair on the side lately. I dunno, it's still in a chip clip thingy but for some reason if it's to the side I feel like it's more dressy. Skeleton hand clip is handmade by me at Bethezda's Baubles.

As always thanks for reading.


  1. Seapunk, LOL, I LOVE it!!! And I'm *laughing out load* at the glue gears onto a dolphin=hilarious and so true.

    Gorgeous look and awesome find on those shoes! :)

  2. lol i had that exact same 'talk' about steampunk with a friend yesterday. it can look really amazing but also really horrible.

    you look as awesome as always, i wish one day to have your eye-makeup skills :-D

    btw you should borrow me such a shirt from time to time <3

  3. Oooo, love your Etsy store - will definitely have to buy some clips from you! :)

  4. Love the shoes, and your eyebrows! :D

  5. Pretty look, I love the blue on you!

  6. Love the dramatic, shiny brows!!! And ooh, your hair looks gorgeous like that. I think most steampunkers would agree with you. The term has been so abused lately (as with anything that becomes somewhat popular). Someday, it'll go back underground where it is really appreciated... :)

    1. Meagan - Oh yeah, I know you see eye to eye with me on that one

      kakuidori- yes, so you see what I'm talking about!! :)

      Michelle - thank you very much!!

      Liza - thanks so much

      ANA - thank you :)

      Kitty - so so so true

  7. I love how you do your make up. Very pretty. :)

  8. Oh, you'd make an awesome Steampunk-y mermaid with that eyemakeup. You could have a bra made out of cogs and gears then! ;)

    Love your skeleton hand hair clip, by the way!!!

    1. ooooh, that is not a bad idea. I will have to mull that over... steampunk mermaid...hmmmmmm

  9. that pool blue was great with those lashes! so good to use something light to make the lashes really pop out!/Azure

  10. What a flirtatious pair of lashes. I wonder if this syle would suit my eye shape. hmm

  11. Aqua coloured eyeshadow fits your eyes perfectt. Beautiful makeup!

  12. Ugh your just so amazing! Make up is pefecto your hair is awesome! Your such an inspiration to me <3 Keep being you sweety! I wish I could master false lashes -_-

    Clairey xx

    1. Zombie- thanks hun

      Rehab - You can always try. As I'm sure you know... makeup is an experiment. :)

      linnea - Thank you!!

      Twins - ya'll are awesome!!!

  13. Ooooh, you have such nice hair! The blue makeup looks very nice, and I love the huge false lashes! Seapunk......let's start a new goth fashion trend!!! Or not. I agree, badly done steampunk is not a good thing.

  14. i'm stalking you for inspiration because i haven't done my makeup properly since march. ugh.

    if you came over to teach me eyelash application, i might could be pretty again. please...