Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Swatches and Review

I want to share with you today some swatches from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

Last month I took advantage of their 10 samples for $10 from I noticed today that they don't have this currently listed on their site but maybe they are just restocking? I hope so because it's a really great way to try out a bunch of their colors. 

These are the vials that the samples came it. They are sooooo cute!!! Their full size jars come in really cute packaging too. Very unique compared to a lot of mineral makeup companies.

I ordered Nouveau, Draconia, Caldonia, Eire, Rose Gold, Chakra, Muertos, Sakura, Unicorn Breath and Keltoi.

All swatches are placed over e.l.f. eye primer.

Nouveau - This is a beautiful green gold. Think of an ornate antique picture frame.

Draconia - The perfect turquoise. This is the color of Fiesta Ware and sugar skulls.

Caledonia - Almost a duochrome of green to gold. Aptly named as it is a very "celtic" green.

Eire - Nice jade green with a hint of gold shimmer.

Rose Gold - Exactly the color of rose gold, a nice pinky copper.

Chakra - Beautiful dark periwinkle blue with a hint of purple. Has flecks of purple and fusia glitters. It is a bit harder to blend than the others. More blue than what the website says.

Muertos - A nice gunmetal charcoal grey.

Sakura - Nice coppery red with a hint of pink.

Unicorn Breath - This is a pearl ivory color. I had to build on it to make it opaque.

Keltoi - Beautiful metallic olive gold.

Overall I was very happy with the color consistency and the depth of the colors. Chakra and Unicorns Breath were a bit harder to blend than the others but the color payoff was well worth the extra effort.

I did a look with a few of these colors as a guest post for Makeup Zombie.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohhhhh lala, love the look doll! Make-up confuses me soooo much, especially eye shadows! ;)

  2. Great swatches, and you look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Gasp! These colours look beautiful and really pigmented too. Just had a look and they have a 5 samples for $5 offer on, which I might have to indulge in! I love your earrings too!

    1. Oh good about the samples! Yes, you should jump on it :)

  4. Pretties! I have some Scaredy Cat pigments and I thing they're awesome. The look you made is gorgeous. :D

  5. These colours are amazing! They're so pigmented. and they look so pretty on you! x

  6. nice colors indeed!

    can we get a detailed view of your earrings please? ^^

  7. The swatches are all awesome and your look is amazing!!

  8. I love Nouveau and Keltoi, they would look so great together!

    1. Keltoi is a really bad-ass color. I've seen other blogs/swatches and it's amazing.

  9. I kind of want these just for the packaging!!!