Friday, March 23, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Gel Lipstick Swatches

I have become obsessed over Morgana Cryptoria lippies.

Here are some Morgana Cyptoria gel lipsticks swatched. I absolutely love these things because they are light on my lips, highly pigmented and they last.

 Athena: Bright pink with fusia glitter. This one LASTS.

Nevermore: A mauve-brown with a hint of pink shimmer

Eggplant: Not as dark or purple as the name (or description on the site) would suggest. It is a mauve-purple.

Miss Jupiter: Gorgeous royal blue. Really stunning.

Creeping Vine: Beautiful true green with a bit of shimmer. A bit drier than the others but still goes on great. Lasts and lasts.

Hemlock: Dark green with a bit of metallic sheen. This color is bad-ass!

The gel formula is really different. Not a lipstick but not a gloss.

Coffin Kitsch and I were discussing lipsticks over drinks the other night and we were both commenting on how we are not really lipstick gals. I honestly do not like the feel of lipstick and I'm kinda a mess so I usually end up with it somewhere else on my face. :(

I'll apply it once but usually forget to reapply throughout the day/night.

But..... the more I use Morgana Cryptoria the more I get into lipstick AND the more I want to buy from Morgana. Just what I need, right?

The first Morgana I bought were the glosses. I must admit when I first received them I didn't like them. One reason is the colors I got were very dark and they are highly pigmented. I put them on with no other makeup so of course they looked weird. Also, the consistency is a little strange. I shelved them for a month.

When I came back to them I found that I absolutely LOVED them. I'm glad I gave them another shot!
I'll be swatching my glosses and lipsticks in another post.

If you have some Morgana and are a bit so-so over them; #1 try them again and #2 make sure they are cool. These are handmade products and high temperatures make the consistency not-so-good. Also, be advised that she has up to a 30 day turn-around time. Obviously I'm not the only one lusting after her awesome lippies.

Really, I can't stress enough how much I love this brand!

What is your favorite Morgana color?

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Eggplant looks awesome! I agree, it is important to give products a second chance before you give up on them. Glad you gave Morgana a second chance! I'm not much of a lipstick person either, for the same reasons you listed. But do enjoy a handfulnof lipsticks that are the right color for me, Morgana Gilded Ballerina is one of them!

  2. youre causing big arguments my love. my wallet and i just shouted at each other... wallet won because wallet is the one who holds my bank and credit cards :-/

    all the colors look perfect!!!

  3. I love all the tinted lip balms I have. Really bummed they were dc'd :( Gel lipsticks are on my list of stuff what to try, though :)

    Favourite colour that I have currently is Eternal. It's pretty much my perfect colour.

  4. Peach - I hear a lot about Ballerina. I'll have to try it.

    kakuidori - sorry! LOL

    Bekka - dude. try em!

  5. Wow. They all look great. I hope the company sends you free samples. Your review just got me to put Nevermore and Flirtatious Flapper in my shopping casket.

    1. That would be awesome! LOL. You'll like Flirtatious Flapper, have that one too. ;)

  6. I have several of her lip balms and I love most of them... One of them was TOO dry to even wear, and several of them vary in consistency, but I really love them just the same (except the dry one). But I guess she doesn't make those anymore, which is unfortunate because I really need something dark, highly pigmented, and extremely moist but bleed-resistant since I live in the desert. I might try the gels... I'm not as fan of her turn-around times or the frequent closing of the store. :( I wonder why she doesn't just get some help on orders?

  7. I'm a fan of Morgana lip stuff as well. It's high quality and you can find weird colours for wearing to the club! I have a lot of colours from them, and I don't even think I can pick a favourite! I have never tried the gel lipsticks before but I have Hemlock and Miss Jupiter in the lip balm formulation (it appears to not be available any more). I am dying to get my hands on Lady Grey, Darkwave, and Mistress of Diamonds! They look like awesome colours.

    1. I cannot get enough of them. Just scored Liqorice and Mistress of Diamonds in a blog sale. :D