Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flora Part Duex

I wanted to give my Wet n Wild Flora trio one more shot so I left out the teal color and added MAC Carbon. I also used the Detrivore Black Primer underneath to give the orange more volume. MUCH better. :)

I woke up this morning thinking that the Dungaree Dolly trunk show was at Cats Like Us today so I got dressed and ready to go then realized it was next weekend. How much you wanna bet SOMETHING happens next Saturday and I can't go? Friggin' story of my life. sigh........

On to tha makeups:

Revlon Beyond Natural in Light
MAC Concealor in NC20
MAC Studio Fix Powser NW15
Wet n Wild Blush in Mellow Wine from the Fauna collection

Detrivore Black Primer
Wet n Wild Flora Trio Orange on inner lid
Wet n Wild Flora Trio Green inner corner lash line
MAC Carbon on outer lid
Ben Nye in Toast on browbone
Studio Gear Black Cake Eyeliner for upper lash line and brows
Ultra Black Glitter Liner on lower lash line
CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion in Very Black Mascara
Black Cherry Lashes #106

Wet n Wild Coloricon Liner in Black
Morgana Cryptoria in Mistress of Diamonds

Hee hee, my three year old wanted to take a picture of me. :)

Thanks for reading!!!!
Cheers! :)


  1. This look is a lot better with the fauna trio! That orange is awesome! Love your outfit!

    1. This is still the Flora set actually. I just didn't use the teal which was my least favorite color in the set. :)

  2. You look gorgeous! Great top too ;)

  3. reminds me of nina hagen a bit :-O (ITS A COMPLIMENT, I LOVE HER!) so colorful but still mysterious and sexy!

  4. Oh this looks so beautiful, I think the warm orange looks really gorgeous on you!

  5. I think your three year old is a better photographer than I am, lol! I love that orange colour, and I really want Mistress of Diamonds!! I have done the same thing. I get all ready to go and then......OH CRAP, it's NEXT WEEKEND??? ARGH!!!!!