Monday, January 23, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Total Sephora score. They had this Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash set on sale for almost half price at the Sephora inside the JCPenny at the mall. I didn't have any UD pencils but all the message boards and forums rave about their staying power so I'd been wanting to give them a try.

This set has five colors. Here are Delinquent (purple) and Clash (blue). These are the two colors that really sold me on this set. Delinquent is a nice pearl royal purple with tiny fusia glitter specks in it. Clash is a bright pearl turquoise with tiny silver glitter specks.
With Flash

Natural Light
The other three colors are Rehab (brown), Juju (taupe), and Sin (pale peach). All three are pearl but no glitter.
Natural Light

With Flash
The box says these are waterproof, crease proof and are blendable. Here is a look I put together with all five colors.
The colors go on very smooth and are blendable. Unfortunately the color gets pretty washed out when they are blended. I wanted the glitter in Delinquent to show up more so I had to go back over it and dab the color on to make it opaque.

As far as wearability this stuff does live up to its name. I took these pictures at 9am and wore this all day. Here are some pictures I took around 10pm that night. (sorry they are of the other eye, I was tired and not thinking straight)
As you can see, it stayed on pretty darn good. There is some slight creasing but over-all I'd say it looks good for a 12 hour day. My eyebrow has rubbed off more than the shadow has. :)

I really like Delinquent and Clash and will wear those again for sure. They will be good to wear alone with heavy black eyeliner for a quicky look. The other three colors I don't see myself wearing too often just because I don't wear neutrals that often. They are pretty though. I may hang on to Sin as it's a nice peachy color and will work well on the inside corner of the eyes.

Overall I'm impressed. These pencils stayed on and were easy to use. I'd recommend them. If you're out shopping this week you might want to see if your Sephora has this same sale going on.

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  1. well how convinient! i'm so curious about these 24/7 shadow pencils, cause just recently I got the 24/7 eyepencil, so maybe I should get the purple and blue one. they stood out a bit more than the others! ever used them as a primer??/Azure

  2. Glad to help. No I haven't tried them as a primer, just got them two days ago. I will and will get back with you. :)