Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ruby Kisses: Crazy Night Out and Regaled Out Blue

originally posted Dec. 14, 2011

Two more goodies from my score at the beauty supply store in Austin.

Ruby KissesRegaled Out Blue with Crazy Night Out overlay.

Regaled Out Blue is a great dark yet semi-translucent blue. It has a nice gloss and is not creamy like, say, OPI Russian Navy.

Crazy Night Out is a Pink/Fusia glitter in a very thick suspension. There are varying sizes of fusia glitter intermixed with smaller silver pieces.

With no top coat this stayed on for a good two days before the edges started to chip. That's really good for my nails as I have pretty healthy nails and I hand washed dishes, bathed multiple kiddos, gave a massage to a friend, did laundry, cleaned house...... basically I didn't sit around eating bon-bons. :)

I visited the Ruby Kisses website. This is #4 Sexy Black Angel from their Look Book. Great gothic dark eye look and some killer nails.

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