Sunday, January 22, 2012

Must Read Blog: Missmementomori

Hello readers. I just have to share this beautiful blog that I have been following:

Essentially she is using this forum to gather examples of her favorite artists, photographers, fashion editorials, models, designers, etc.....

I admire her taste as it definitely borders on the macabre. She has done a beautiful job compiling a wonderful eye candy blog. Below are some examples of the artists she has included.

Polly Morgan

Marc De Cunha Lopes Vertebrata Series

Clair Morgan Suspended Beauty

Ethel Granger

Aleksandra Mir

Editorial: The Fashion and the Fantasy Magazine: Vogue Italia Issue: June 2009"

I could look at this blog for hours. Check it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading. Please "like" this blog on facebook.


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