Monday, January 30, 2012

Kreepsville 666 Coffin Necklace

As I've mentioned before, we are new to the city of Buffalo and are still learning what's around. I had a girls night a few weeks ago when the hub-ster was working a tattoo convention in Austin. One of the gals was telling me about her favorite pizza joint here which happens to be near a mall.
The family and I decided to venture out last weekend in the sleet and snow for pizza and a walk around the mall. Turns out it was a dirt-mall. You know, the kind that has seen it's prime already? Anyhoo, it was nice to put the kiddos in the stroller and window shop. There was a strange little "goth" store there, mostly imports and anime stuff but I scored this little gem of a necklace.

And the coolest part? It's a locket!

This is the picture of my hubby I'm gonna put in it. LOL

Thanks for reading!


  1. Super cute necklace, and I agree, the fact that the coffin lid opens makes it extra cool! Great pic of your husband too!

    1. PS: Your husband reminds me of Chas from the band Madness in that photo. One of my all-time fave bands I might add.

  2. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I love Kreepsville. They make some awesome stuff!

  3. So cute! That is awesome that its a locket! Love the pic you are going to put in it!

  4. great find congrats :-D
    and even if the mall was 'dirty' its nice to spend some time with family outside! btw on this pic you look similar to a friend of mine!

  5. Wow, that necklace is awesome indeed, I love it a lot...ehh, I wanna be that lucky sometimes too! ;)
    I'm still browsing their site, but it's really cool too. :)