Saturday, January 21, 2012

KleanColor: IT GIRL

originally posted Dec 12, 2011

I am love love loving the KLEANCOLOR: IT GIRL palette in Independent! I picked this up at my favorite beauty supply store in Austin for $2.99. Yes you read right, $2.99! It has amazingly bright pigmented colors and with eyeshadow primer stays on at least four hours. At least that's how long I wore this look before taking it off and going night-night.

For this look I used the black (sorry, there are no names for the different colors on the packaging) on the outer corner of the eyes and the bright pink on the far left of the palette on the inner corners of the eye and just blended them together in the center with elf Studio Angled Contour Brush. I used NYX White as a highlighter under the brow.

There are some really intense colors in this collection. I've used the lime green and purple together already and that was a fun look. For the price, this was really an awesome find. I'm not sure where you can purchase this though. Maybe check your local beauty supply - not SALLY - but a local joint that sells weave would be your best bet.

This is the makeup I wore to the Auxiliary Magazine party the other night. Good times.

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