Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glitter! Sally Hansen GEM Crush in Glitz Gal

Holy glitter Batman! This stuff is glittery. Did I mention glitter? Glitter glitter glitter glitter............. I mean really, glitter.

It's Sally Hansen GEM Crush nail polish in Glitz Gal. This is with three coats and no top coat. It's pretty cool because it's got a bunch of different sizes of glitter in it. I really like that there are some pretty large holographic pieces that really make it sparkle.

It came out a little greyer than I was hoping, I wanted it to be more black like it looks in the bottle.

Overall though this stuff is pretty cool. I will warn you, it's a bitch to get off. Get ready to rub rub rub with remover or use the foil method (basically soak a cotton ball in remover, put on your nail, wrap tin foil around it and leave it on for 5 minutes).
Without Flash

With Flash

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