Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatch Fest

originally posted Jan 10, 2011

I wanted to do some swatches from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics for you. I do have to say though, her website does a pretty good job with showing you what the colors will look like on skin. It's so frustrating when a company just shows it to you in the jar, ya know? With mineral makeup there are so many facets to each color it's almost impossible to tell what they look like in the jar. But.... I digress.... onto the swatching.

I received 12 sample baggies of varying shades and colors. I like that she labels each baggie with name and ingredients. 

top row with flash

top row without flash

top row outside

bottom row with flash

bottom row without flash

bottom row outside

I swatched all colors over NYX primer.

I'm glad I received such a variety of colors to swap because I liked some that I would have never purchased for myself. I tend to always go for the bright bold colors in a collection but that usually leaves me with very little accent colors.

I really liked Summer Wheat which is third from the top left. It's a yellow/gold with hints of green. Blue Grey Pearl (top far right) is another that I would never buy just by looking at the package but when swatched it is a complex duochrome of blue and purple/grey. Baby Doll Pink (second from left, bottom) is a true, strong pink with plenty of pigment. Stricken (third from right, bottom) I thought was just a matte black in the package but once swatched has flecks of red glitter. It is amazing- unfortunately my camera just would not pick up the glitter. And last, both #1 and #5 of the Chrome Collection are stunning. These are strong, heavily pigmented chromes.

I also got a full size of  Flame Dance, a deep red/orange with flecks of gold. It looks like a dark coppery color.

And a full size of Golden Fleece, a brilliant metallic gold.

Flame Dance and Golden Fleece - with flash


Overall I am very impressed by the pigmentation. As I mentioned, I did swap with a primer, but that's the only way I wear eyeshadow anyway. (In my opinion, if you're wearing loose shadow without a primer, you're wasting product). As I have been typing this post up, I have the swatches still on my arm and so far the only one that seems to have smudged is Stricken. All of the colors still look nice and opaque.

I was super impressed with shipping time. I think it only took like three or four days to get my order. Patience is not one of my virtues so I always appreciate a quick ship.

I'll put putting some looks together soon and will be able to give a little more info on wearability. So far though, I am very happy with Dawn Eyes.

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