Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Opening Night and Dollish Polish: The Cullens

Have you been able to see Breaking Dawn yet? I was able to go to last night's 7pm showing with a few of my girl friends. It was so much fun! I haven't had a girls night in a looong time so it was great just to get away from the crumb-snatchers for a while.

As far as the movie is concerned, well.... it had it's excepted cheezy parts and it had some pretty awesome parts too. I thought the fight scenes between the Cullen's and the LaPush pack were excellent and the wedding looked just how I had envisioned it from the book. I'm no movie reviewer so I'll leave that up to someone a bit more snarky than me. I'm much more a fan of the books anyway but it was still fun and I'll probably see it at least one more time before it leaves the theaters.

In a previous post I mentioned Dollish Pollish's The Cullen's and look what came in the mail just in the nick of time! I had planned to do a red and black mani for movie night but  decided to try out The Cullen's instead. I'm glad I did because I love this grey! I'm a big fan of greys for clothes, makeup, nail polish....... I have about five different grey polishes but this one's a bit different because it has a subtle green iridescence as well as a bit of glitter shimmer. It's a Frankenstein polish, meaning it is made up of different polishes and mediums in order to create a new color. Looking at the bottle you can see that there are some large chunks of glitter in it. unfortunately no amount of shaking and rolling could get the big glitter chunks onto my brush! I managed to get one out, it's on my thumb. That was a bit of a disappointment but beside that I really do see myself wearing this grey frequently. This was part of a special three pack set she did for Breaking Dawn.

I got a few other mini polishes from Dollish Polish in this order; Expecto Patronum, I'm The Ghostwith the Most Babe and Nope, The OTHER Edward. I'll swatch those later b/c I'm really digging The Cullen's color right now and want to see how long it will stay on. ;)

Did you do anything special for your Breaking Dawn viewing? I'd love to hear about it!

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