Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty Supply Store Love

I just can't say how much I love beauty supply stores. I'm not talking about Sally, but small mom and pop stores that sell mostly hair; weave, loose hair, wigs, etc..... They always have the best cheap makeup and accessories and are a great place to pick up loose hair to make dread falls.

I've been on the hunt for a good one here in my new city. I haven't found one as good as "Quarter to Ten" in Austin but I'm still looking. Yesterday I visited one and got all this for only $23 and that's with high NY sales tax.

That's a KleanColor "Bombshell" pallet. I've been thinking about getting a Sleek Acid Palette but when I saw this one for $2.99 and it had two rows of really bright colors I figured it was worth a shot. So far just with playing around with it, I'm impressed. I reviewed another KleanColor palette here. You can buy KleanColor here.

I also picked up three LA Splash glitter liners in green, purple and fusia. I used the green liner in this look and it stayed put all day long. Plus it was really glitter intensive. Sometimes these glitter liners only put down a little bit of glitter but these are really good and glittery.

I got a cheap little nose screw and a pair of green contacts for $14.99. The contacts aren't the most comfortable I've worn but for the price they were worth it. I only wear contacts occasionally anyway.

I'll be putting together an Acid Palette-ish look with the KleanColor soon. Just wanted to share this nice little haul with you and encourage you to pop into these little stores if they're in your city. Sometimes they may not be the most inviting looking places from the outside but inside there are treasures to be found. Yar!

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