Sunday, January 22, 2012


originally posted Jan 4, 2012

We went to see The Addams Family Musical last month and I've been meaning to make a post on it ever since. If it's coming to your town and you're debating on whether you should see it, I say YES.  Whether you are into musicals or not, I think you will find something to like about it. The couple we went with are not musical theater people in the least and they really enjoyed it. (Although they are huge Addams family fans, as are we).  The music was great, the jokes were spot on and I loved the sets. I myself am a musical theater nerd and actually developed my love of makeup playing a chorus girl in Sweet Charity back in the day.

As we were making our way through the lobby a guy said to his wife, referring to me, "look Morticia....". I didn't hear the rest but needless to say I was flattered .... and also a little miffed..... like dude, really, I dressed up in a costume to go to a play? This is my normal "going out" makeup. *Sigh* Let the muggles think what they want I guess.

My friend over at Coffin Kitsch posted some pics from that night.

Channeling Morticia:

Skin: Sephora Immediate Wrinkle Filler, Smashbox 2 in 1 Primer in Bare Canvas, NYX Concealor Fair, Loreal Tru Match C2 Natural Ivory, Morgana Cryptoria Pale Y Foundation, Paula Dorf Wild Fire (cheek contour)

Eyes: NYX White (brow bone), MAC Parfait Amour (crease), MAC Carbon (outer corner), Physicians Formula Gel Cream Liner in Black, Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion in Very Black mascara, Maycheer in Black (brows), Kryolan CEL Sealer (brows)

Lips: Wet N' Wild Black Eyeliner (liner), Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm Vampire's Vineyard


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  1. Well, to be confused with Morticia is truly a compliment! She's so beautiful in her own way, and she certainly has an ordinary appearance!
    The lips by the way was so beautifully done, to not have just one colour on the lips!/Azure

    1. LOL. Well thanks. :) I'm glad you came over to visit me on my new blog (I just moved from WP to Blogger).